BA-Works, in conjunction with Business Analysis Center of Excellence model, supports the Information Technology teams to ensure the identification, adaptation and sustainability of the International Business Analysis standards for Business Analysis teams.

BA-Works establishes Business Analytical Excellence Centers located within the Information Technology teams, independent of the preferred project management method or organizational structure, in order to ensure that business analysis processes in the organization reach global standards.

These structures provide constant development opportunities for Business Analysts by determining competency models and production of higher quality Business Analysis outcomes for the organizations.

BA-Works Business Analysis Center of Excellence Model Benefits

  • Ensuring the continuity of the Business Analysis maturity assessment
  • Keep up-to-date by following developments in the field of Business Analysis
  • Ensure widespread use of Business Analysis techniques that can be used within the organization
  • Creating Templates and Guidelines for Business Analysis
  • Identify and measure Business Analysis metrics
  • Creating a Business Analyst Competency model
  • Developing the Business Analysis team
  • Adoption of Business Analysis tools
  • Standard Business Analysis output production
  • Customer satisfaction by improved quality of Business Analysis
  • Ensure the implementation of user and value-driven Business Analysis approach
  • Reduce Business Analyst Turn-Over within the organization with the Business Analysis Framework

How is BA-Works Business Analysis Center of Excellence Model Established?

  • Evaluation of Current Business Analysis Processes
  • Determination of Business Analyst Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Defining the IIBA® Business Analysis Competency Model 
  • Business Analyst Career Path Determination
  • Identification of an Enterprise-specific IIBA® Business Analysis Framework
    • Scope and Business Analysis Documentation (Business Case, Vision and Scope)
    • User Story Creation, Business Value Calculation, Identification of Acceptance Criteria Determination Methods for Agile teams
    • Determining Priority Criteria
    • Determination of Business Analysis Techniques
  • Preparation of Business Analysis Development Programs
  • Defining Business Analysis KPI and Performance Metrics
  • Controlling and Tracking of the Applied Framework

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