International Customer Experience and Customer Journey Map Training


1 Day

Barbaros Point Hotel

Who Should Attend?

  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Customer Experience Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • IT Teams


Introduction to Customer Experience and Customer Journey Map

  • What is Customer Experience?
  • What is the Relationship and Differences Between Customer Experience and User Experience?
  • What is Customer Journey Map?
  • Why is Customer Journey Map Important?

Customer Journey Map Methodology

Preparation for the Map

  • What is Customer Journey Cycle?
  • Why Do We Create Customer Journey Map?
    • On Which Journey Will We Focus On?
    • What Do We Want to Learn From This Journey?
  • Determination of Map Scope
  • Determination of Time Scheduling
  • Stakeholder Identification
  • User Identification
  • Persona Creation

Insight Researches

  • User Researches
    • Research Techniques (Empathy Map, Netnography, One-To-One Interviews, Stakeholder Interviews, Workshop Activities, etc.)
  • Analyzing Printed and Digital Materials that User Have Interacted
  • Evaluation and Prioritization of Research Data

Map and Share

  • Customer Journey Map Draft
    • Definition of Customer Journey Stages
    • Identifying Customer Touch Points
  • Creation of the Map
    • Elements That Will Be on the Map:
      • Personas
      • Journey Stages (Research, Decide, Buy etc.)
      • Thinking & Feeling
      • Pain Points
      • Opportunities
      • User Quotes
  • Deciding How to Present the Map
  • Deciding Which Areas to Highlight on the Map
  • Discussion of Improvement Areas Visible on the Map
  • Creation of Action Plans
  • Harvard Case Study

Amazon Best Seller Trainers

Our trainings are given by IIBA® CBAP® Certified experts who have international knowledge and experience in Business Analysis, who have written books in the UX field and are bestsellers in the Amazon.

Benefits of Training

    • Learn the ways and methods to be followed to see the big picture from a wide perspective in user experience research.
    • Learn how to identify the factors that affect the user experience positively and negatively by looking for answers to questions such as:

-Where did the customer hear the brand?
-What did the customer experience in touchpoints?
-What did the customer feel in touchpoints?
-How did the brand perception affected after the touch?
-What are the factors that affects User Experience positively or negatively?

  • Learn to see the big picture from the right distance via Customer Journey Map Techniques

Why BA-Works

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