International Service Design Training


Course Content

Day 1

  • Introduction to Service Design
    • What is Service Design?
    • Why Service Design matters?
    • Principles of Service Design
    • How Service Design Differ from Product and UX Design?
  • Service Design Process
    • 1. Explore: Insight Research
      • Understand People
      • Conduct Insight Research, Concepts and Methods (Depth Interview, Observation, Service Safaris, Diaries, and Contextual Research Methods)
      • Collate, Synthesize and Present Insights that can Drive Design Decisions
        • Identify Scenarios
        • Align Actions, Mindsets and Emotions
    • 2. Define: Ideation & Concept Development
      • Service Ecology Mapping
        • Understand Service Architectures, Stakeholders and Touchpoints
        • Use Models of Current State and its Impact on Customers
        • Understand the Internal Implications and Construct a User-centred Vision for Complex Interactions
      • Customer Journey Mapping
        • Elements of a Customer Journey Map
        • Zooming Out from Individual Touchpoint to Outline and Map the Customer Journey
        • Find the Invisible Connections and Map the Journey

Day 2

    • Brainstorming, Service staging, Role plays, Service Evidencing, Co-design etc.)
    • Service Blueprinting
      • Elements of Service Blueprint
      • Identify Service Scenarios
      • Develop Service Blueprint
    • Evaluate and Test Services Scenarios & Service Staging
    • Present your Service Design
  • The Challenges and Best Practices while Integrating Service Design Thinking into your Business
  • Harvard Case Study

International Service Design Training

International Service Design Training enables you to learn the techniques and methods required to successfully demonstrate services that provide a holistic customer experience.
You will learn the service design process that adopts the human oriented approach in the 2 days training and apply the techniques such as insight researches, empathy mapping and emotional maps as well as the Customer Journey Mapping and Service Blueprint.

During the training, you will adopt a design thinking approach and you will discover the power of visual thinking and the prototyping for your innovative solutions.

Course Benefits

  • Learn & practice the techniques used to better understand customers and uncover unique insights
  • See the innovation and optimization potential in your own offers, so that you can successfully design services and holistic customer experience.
  • Practice what you’ve gained from the trainings with featured Harvard Case Study workshop.

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