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A Radical New Way of Working

Workshop with

Arne van Oosterom &

Marc Bolick &

Yuen Yen Tsai


December 3, 2020

Virtual Workshop

1:30 – 5:00 P.M.


Workshop Content

During this interactive and high energy session, Arne, Marc and Yuen Yen will help you grow as online facilitator, coach or participant.
The Wednesday Web Jam ( team will share all their learnings from over 6 months of weekly experiments and failing forward.
The team will show you how to create positive energy, human connections and a physiological safe space for individuals and teams to connect and embrace a new way of working.

About Facilitators

Arne van Oosterom

In 2006 Arne van Oosterom founded DesignThinkers, a leading global innovation consultancy with teams in 24 countries. He also founded DesignThinkers Academy, the Design Thinking Conference and is Head of Faculty at the Creative Leadership Program.
Arne is a leadership coach, innovation facilitator, keynote speaker and has been lecturing at universities around the world and worked with companies like Coca Cola, Volkswagen, BOSCH, Philips, SAP, ING Bank, Estée Lauder, Cartier and L’Oréal.

Marc Bolick

Marc leads the U.S. office of DesignThinkers Group. He uses his combination of technical, business and creative skills to help organizations ask the right questions and find innovative answers through the human-centered design methodology. Marc has worked for clients in a variety of sectors including medical devices, mobile & web applications, travel & leisure, financial services, international development, and consumer goods. He is an inspiring speaker, a probing strategist, a curious observer of human behavior, and an enthusiastic group facilitator.

Yuen Yen Tsai

In 2016 Yuen Yen accomplished her personal mission to introduce and implement serious gaming as an innovative learning tool in the National Tax Office of The Netherlands. She continued her creative journey as a play designer and facilitator. And loved working in different cultures and countries as Tunisia and Egypt.
She applies unconventional, playful methods to support learning journeys. And believes guiding newcomers into Design Thinking, is a great way to make her personal impact on the world. One can find her as senior facilitator with the Design Thinkers Academy, Amsterdam. Or as Crew member with the WednesdayWebJams.
Yuen Yen has worked for with organizations as G4S, PVH, Booking, Radboud University, GPAL, City of Amsterdam

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