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Many of today’s software development teams have begun applying Agile methods, which allows for rapid solutions with short iterations, to replace or in addition to Waterfall methods which is widely used as a traditional software development method. This has led to processes to evolve and become more agile with the Agile Business Analysis processes.

Agile Business Analysis is about ensuring the right information is available to the development team, in the right level of detail, at the right time, so they can build the right product.

Agile methodologies does not involve preliminary analysis phase which is typically applied in Waterfall methodologies. The organizations going through the Agile transformation processes are trying to find answers to the following questions because of the lack of preliminary analysis:
  •      How the Business Analysis processes are managed through the iterations
  •      How business needs are divided into small pieces at atomic level and defined
  •      How the impact areas are determined in projects that involve many integrations
  •      How the Business Analyst role should be positioned within the team, because the Product Owner is now responsible for defining the business need and managing the Product Backlog
  •      Which analysis methods can be applied in the requirements analysis phase

Techniques and Methods


BA-Works makes use of IIBA® Agile Business Analysis Framework and supports organizations to successfully execute business analysis processes on Agile projects with its Agile Business Analysis Service.

By defining the cooperation of the Business Analyst and Product Owner roles, Agile cultures are applied and matured in Business Analysis processes.

Agile Business Analysis Transformation Goals Definition

As-Is Business Analysis Processes Evaluation

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Determination of Product Owner and Business Analyst Areas of Responsibility

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Customizing the IIBA® Agile Business Analysis Framework (User Story Creation, Business Value Calculation, Prioritization, Identification of Acceptance Criteria, Defining Analysis Documentation Templates and Addresses of Agile Business Analysis Techniques)

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Agile Business Analysis Development Programs

Defining Agile Business Analysis KPIs and Metrics

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Controlled and Followed Implemented Framework

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