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Virtual IIBA® Strategy and Product Ownership Analysis Training


14 CDU

2 Days

Virtual Training

The training will be a live event in a virtual environment. You can attend the workshop from any location via web conference method.

Who should attend?

Agile Business units
Product Owners (PO)
Agile Coaches
Agile Leaders
Senior Business Analysts

Course Content

Day 1

IIBA® Product Ownership Framework (POA)

  • IIBA® Product Ownership Analysis (POA) Framework
    -Converting Product Ownership to POA
    -What is Product Ownership Analysis?
    -Product Owner Role and POA Relationship
    -The Importance of POA Framework
  • Product Ownership Analysis Framework
    -Integration of Business Analysis, Agile Business Analysis and Product Ownership
    -The 7 Disciplinary Areas of Product Ownership
    – Alignment of Products with Strategy
    1. Creating a Product Vision (Product Vision)
    2. Product-Market Fit
    3. Product Value Proposition
    4. Business Model Canvas
    5. Product Road Map

Day 2

IIBA® Strategy Analysis Framework

  • IIBA® Strategy to Execution Framework
  • What is Strategy and Strategy Analysis?
    -Mission, Vision, Objective, Strategy and Tactics Relationship
    -Strategy Analysis Techniques (MOST, SWOT, PESTLE etc.)
  • As-Is and To-Be Situation Analysis
  • GAP Analysis and Strategy Design
  • Solution Scope
  • Product Strategy and Implementation
    -Determining the Product Vision and Goals
    -Determining the Product Strategy
    -Business Value Calculation
    -Prioritization and Product RoadMap
    -Product Strategy Canvas
    -Evaluation of Solution and Strategy (KPIs & Metrics)

About IIBA® Strategy and Product Ownership Analysis Training

IIBA® Strategy and Product Ownership Analysis Training is a two-day training. The training covers the concepts of product ownership and strategy analysis, which are the most up-to-date topics in business analysis, within the scope of IIBA® Product Ownership Analysis (POA) and IIBA® Strategy to Execution Frameworks, which are newly published by IIBA®. The training offers benefits that will enable attendees to manage backlogs.


Course Benefits

Within the scope of IIBA® Product Ownership Analysis (POA) Framework, attendees;

  • will learn how Product Ownership evolves and what it takes to deliver successful products as more and more organizations move from project-centric models to product-centric models.
  • will gain the necessary framework, tools, techniques, approaches and basic agile values ​​in product ownership in order to create successful results. 

Within the scope of the IIBA® Strategy to Execution Framework, attendees;

  • will gain the necessary awareness to simultaneously uncover the business context, business challenges, and complexities of the internal and external environment, frame the scope of transformation, articulate the business need/result, and shape the agenda for transformation within the scope of strategic business analysis by thinking result-oriented.
  • Focus on “what and why” of the implementation of the solution, not “how” and learn the necessary methods to move from the right strategy to implementation, with the help of the 9-Steps Roadmap for successful Business Transformation.

About IIBA®-CPOA Business Analysis Certification

IIBA’s Product Ownership Analysis Certification Program recognizes the integration of Business Analysis and Product Ownership with an Agile mindset to maximizing value. The program provides the opportunity to acquire essential concepts needed to create successful products. Earning this certificate informs employers of your competence and expertise driving the creation and delivery of high-value products. The training also helps attendees to improve  and receive the IIBA®-CPOA certification.

Why BA-Works?

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