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Design Thinking + Doing Studio

We are inspired Business Analysts and Designers creating “the new” as “a team” in most desirable, viable and feasible ways.

Design Driven Scope Definition

Based on the Design Thinking methodology for scope definition, we identify the problem, opportunity areas and target audience correctly by using creative solution techniques to create a combination of customer-focused insights together.

Agile Business Analysis

We use design-driven scoping methods to ensure that agile projects start with the right scope and to increase the predictability of agile projects. We ensure that user stories and acceptance criterias in the product backlog are created with IIBA Agile Business Analysis techniques to meet business objectives, customer needs and insights.

Service Design

We design creative, people-oriented and experience-oriented services together with all the stakeholders that forms the service ecosystem with the help of “Design Thinking + Desing Doing” method.

Customer Experience (CX) Design

We redesing the customer experience by developing creative ideas for the problems and the opportunities that are elicitated during the Customer Journey Mapping study.

Employee Experience (EX) Design

We design end-to-end employee experience that help companies about the delivery of best customer experience by combining “Design Thinking” and “Employee Experience Journey” techniques.

New Book

Design Thinking Mentor Book

According to design-oriented business analysis techniques, business units and development teams determine the scope of projects “together”.


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