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Business Analysis with Design Thinking Training


2 Days

Virtual Training

The training will be a live event in a virtual environment. You can attend the training from any location via web conference method. The training will be held in English.

Training Brochure


Who Should Attend?

  • Product Owner
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Analysis Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Unit Team Leaders and Managers
  • Enterprise Architecture Specialists
  • Demand Managers

Course Content

Fundamentals of Design Driven Business Analysis:

  • Challenges in Scope Definition Process in Projects
  • Benefits of Design Driven Business Analysis
  • ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Design Doing’ Methods
  • Design Driven
    Business Model Development
    Product and Service Design
    Customer and Employee Experience Design

Design Thinking Steps:

  • Understand Problem or Business Opportunity
    – Understand Business and Customer Needs
    – Persona Identification

    – Customer Journey Map
  • Discover
    – Empathy Map
    – Mind Map
    – Insight Research Concepts and Techniques
  • Ideate
    Creative Thinking Techniques
    Creating Solution Alternatives
  • Elimination
    Critical Thinking Techniques
    >> Wow-How-Now Matrix
    >> Prioritization Matrix
  • ROI Calculation
    – Prototype & Test

Scope Definition

  • Conceptual Design of TO-BE processes
    Business Model Canvas
    – Scope/Lean Canvas
  • Determining MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Case Study

Benefits of Training

  • Helping project stakeholders to process in the same strategic direction by using principles of design driven analysis
  • Helping business units in demand maturity before forwarding their requests to the IT department
  • Designing the solution scope that generate value through customer-focused approaches
  • Reducing change requests by preventing scope shifts

Why BA-Works

IIBA Accredited International Trainings
Harvard Case Studies
Internationally Known Trainers
More than 600 Companies Preferred

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