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With the development of technology, responding to rapidly changing business needs and continuously developing innovative products has become an inevitable condition for businesses.

Information Technology teams who want to meet the needs of businesses, without moving away from the core business focus, use outsourcing support for their efforts, such as finding and developing experienced human resources in their field.

Project-based outsourcing has become a crucial need for businesses, especially in times of project intensity increasing periodically or in the absence of new staffing opportunities.

BA-Works, trains business analysts who have mastered the methods of IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis) for Business Analyst positions, contributes to increase efficiency in organizations along with outsourcing professional Business Analyst staff.

What are the Benefits of Business Analysis Outsourcing Service?

Financial Profit

  • Reduction of total labor cost and other burdens (wages, fringe benefits, taxes, and insurance costs)
  • Prevent extreme team growth and increase team productivity
  • Minimizing the cost of finding and manning competent Business Analyst resource
  • Increased organizational productivity by focusing on core business


  • Finding the right human resource for projects quickly
  • Realization of projects with competent Business Analysts even more successfully
  • Quick adaptation due to business area knowledge


  • Obtaining qualified Business Analysis outputs that meet business needs
  • Improving Business Analysis processes based on IIBA® Methodologies

BA-Works Business Analyst Competency Assessment Model

BA-Works Professional Business Analysts’ competencies are continuously assessed on the basis of the IIBA Competency Assessment Model and provide training programs and development. Highly competent teams have the following outstanding competencies:

Industry-Specific Business Knowledge

Business Analysis Techniques

Technical Knowledge

 Business Analysis Methods

Business Analysis Automation Tools



Conflict Management

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