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Design Thinking + Doing Studio

Design Thinking + Doing Studio’s business analysis and design teams combine design principles with your business strategies to help you develop innovative solution ideas inspired by the insights of Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Service Design domains (Design Thinking) and implement these ideas with Agile methods (Design Doing).

Agile Business Analysis Consultancy Service

By benefiting from IIBA® Agile Business Analysis Framework, BA-Works consultants successfully support and conduct Business Analysis processes of Agile projects. The consulting service describes the areas of responsibility of the Business Analyst and Product Owner roles, and ensures that the Agile culture is applied to the Business Analysis processes.

IIBA® Business Analysis Trainings

International Business Analysis Trainings are conducted in accordance with IIBA® BABOK® (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) standards. The participants can get prepared for the IIBA®’s CBAP® (Certified Business Analysis Professional), CCBA® and ECBA ™ exams, and learn about the latest techniques and methodologies through Harvard Case Studies.

IIBA® Accredited, International Business Analysis Trainings

More personal, flexible and competency-oriented; We design experience-oriented learning journeys with our ‘Learning Experience’ philosophy, blended with technology.

If you would like to embark on a new generation learning journey with our new Business Analysis LX Platform and Business Analysis Metaverse on, you can review our company-specific development programs.

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BA Publications

Documentation-TipsBusiness Analysis
June 23, 2021

Documentation Tips for Business Analysts Working in Agile Environment

The Agile Manifesto is built on four values. One of the values is “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. This means, working software should be valued over comprehensive documentation. Unfortunately, this…
Business Analysis
May 3, 2021

Product Ownership & Agile Analysis

Nowadays, it is so common to hear: "We are in the process of Agile transformation" from many technology companies' employees. So, is this transformation, as mentioned earlier, only about ways…
Business Analysis
December 29, 2020

What is “Not Agile”?

In this time period, almost all organizations, regardless of the sector and the department we work in, have already met the concept of "Agile" and adopted it as a methodology;…