4th International BAistanbul 2018 Conference

BA-Works is the creator and organizer of the first and only international Business Analysis event of Turkey and the region. This year we will talk about "Design Driven Transformation for Creative, Digital & Innovative Businesses”.


Business Analysis Outsourcing Services

BA-Works contributes to the efficiency of the companies with Business Analysis Outsourcing Services since 2005.


Business Analysis Services

BA-Works is an international business analysis service company that provides consulting, business analysis outsourcing and IIBA® accredited trainings and has more than 600 customers from EMEA region.


International, IIBA® Accredited Business Analysis Trainings

By being an accredited Endorsed Education Provider® of IIBA®, BA-Works has direct access to most up-to-date global knowledge in Business Analysis.


Business Analysis Services

Business Analysis Outsourcing

With the development of technology, responding to rapidly changing business needs and continuously developing innovative products has become an inevitable condition for businesses.

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Agile Business Analysis Consulting Services

Many of today’s software development teams have begun applying Agile methods, which allows for rapid solutions with short iterations, to replace or in addition to Waterfall methods which is widely used as a traditional software development method.

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Business Analysis Capability Rating (BACR)

In order to successfully complete the projects in the field of Information Technologies, it is very important that the business need is correctly understood and the requirements are completely determined.

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Business Analysis Center of Excellence (BACoE)

BA-Works, in conjunction with BA Center of Excellence model, supports the Information Technology teams to ensure the identification, adaptation and sustainability of the International BA standards for BA teams.

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Requirements Management and Automation Service

According to many researches, the main reasons for the failure of projects are missing or inaccurate Requirements and Project Scopes that are not correctly identified.

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Requirement Definition and Documentation

In project development processes, usually documentation could not be properly done because of lack of human resources. Especially incomplete or unwritten BA documents produced in BA processes not only affect project success but also prevent organizational know-how accumulation.

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IIBA® Accredited, International Business Analysis Trainings

IIBA tarafından sadece akredite kuurmlara sağlanan, onaylı eğitim şirketi logosu

IIBA® CBAP® International Business Analysis

11-12-13 October 2018

IIBA® Requirements Definition and Change Request Management Training

23-24 November 2018

IIBA® International Business Analysis Techniques Training

4-5 October 2018

IIBA® International Business Analysis Manager Training

28-29 September 2018

IIBA® Software Testing Fundamentals For Business Analysts

7-8 December 2018

Design Driven Scope Definition Training

2-3 November 2018

IIBA® International User Experience Design and Usability Training

26-27 October 2018

International Service Design Training

23-24 October 2018

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Uluslararası İş Analisti

11-12-13 Ekim 2018

IIBA® Gereksinim Tanımlama ve Kapsam Değişiklik Yönetimi Eğitimi

23-24 Kasım 2018

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4-5 Ekim 2018

IIBA® Uluslararası İş Analizi Yöneticisi

28-29 Eylül 2018

IIBA® İş Analistleri ve İş Birimleri için Yazılım Test Eğitimi

7-8 Aralık 2018

Tasarım Odaklı Kapsam Belirleme Eğitimi

2-3 Kasım 2018

IIBA® Uluslararası Ekran Tasarımı ve Kullanılabilirlik Eğitimi

26-27 Ekim 2018

Servis Tasarımı

23-24 Ekim 2018

Uluslararası Müşteri Deneyimi ve Müşteri Yolculuğu Haritası Eğitimi

12 Ekim 2018